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GOTR Coach Injured while Running

September 30, 2009

Last week while on a morning jog, a former GOTR coach was struck by a car and remains in critical condition at an Atlanta hospital.

This incident hits too close to home for us here in Atlanta, reminding us that we cannot take our safety for granted. Streets in Atlanta are often treacherous, so please, on your next run, be mindful of the following safety tips:
(Adapted from larger Run the Planet article)
1. Run against traffic so that you can anticipate the approach of automobiles.
2. Run on sidewalks whenever possible.
3. Run on roads with wide shoulders.
4. Be cautious on blind curves where approaching cars can’t see you.
5. Don’t wear headphones – you need your eyes and ears to be as alert as possible.
6. Run single file when running in a group.
7. Obey traffic rules and signals – don’t expect cars to alter their paths to avoid you.
8. Wear reflective clothing at dawn, dusk, or nighttime, and bright, visible clothing all the time.
9. If possible, run with a partner.
10. Always carry some form of ID with you. Read this Run the Planet article to learn more about how important this is.
Run the Planet has some additional tips on runner safety that are very worth checking out:
Stay safe!
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  1. Terrence Snyder permalink
    October 2, 2009 3:44 pm

    Sarah is in my prayers every day… Please place her in yours also… Ask God to heal her… He can work miracles…He does every day…

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