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Molly Barker Starts New Blog Just for Girls!

October 16, 2009

We at Girls on the Run of Atlanta religiously follow GOTR founder Molly Barker’s blog (and think you should too!). Today, her blog announced some big news: she is launching another blog JUST for girls! The new blog will post topics that are relevant to girls’ lives  and will explore a variety of tactics they can use to stay out of the “Girl Box.”  See below for Molly’s own words on why she is starting this blog:

 “Those of you, who know me personally, know how important it is (and how invigorating it is) for me to spend time with our girls. As the founder of this organization, I must keep my finger on the pulse of the girls we serve…plus there is, at least in my opinion, no better way to stay REAL, GENUINE and AUTHENTIC, than by hanging out with kids. They teach us so much about being ourselves! However, due to the extensive amount of travel this wonderful growing program now requires of me, I don’t get the one-on-one experience with our girls as much as I’d like.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Molly is taking this on. When we brainstormed about the target audience for our blog, we talked a lot about creating a blog that girls would want to visit, read, and even contribute to. However, it made more sense for us to start off the way we have, targeting our posts to women (and even some men) who either are involved with GOTR or care about the issues we care about – health, fitness, team, community, etc. At some point in the future we hope to expand our reach to girls themselves. And now we’ll have Molly’s blog to show us how it’s done!

So please, tell all the girls you know, whether or not they’re involved with Girls on the Run, to check out Molly’s new blog, Molly on the Run: Girls Edition! We will also post this blog under our “Blogs We Follow” list.

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