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Update on H1N1 Vaccination Supply in Georgia

October 20, 2009

Several readers have searched our blog for information on obtaining the H1N1 vaccine in Atlanta. So, we’ve included below the latest and greatest from the Georgia Department of Community Health’s Web site.

Most importantly, Georgia has launched a “H1N1 Provider Search Tool” to assist residents in finding a vaccine site in your community by zipcode. Georgia will also soon launch a 24/7 statewide call center for public information about the flu season, the seasonal flu vaccine, and the H1N1 vaccine. 

From the Georgia Department of Community Health:

  • The State of Georgia has placed its orders for the H1N1 vaccine supply with the CDC. 
  • As allocations are approved by the CDC, their distributor, McKesson, delivers the vaccine directly to public health departments, doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals across the state.
  • The first small supply 50,000 doses of the nasal spray vaccine has been made available to public health offices and a select group of doctor’s offices across the state.
  • A second supply of 50,000 doses of nasal spray is being delivered directly to primacy care doctor’s offices this week.
  • Next week, we anticipate 50,000 does of the injectible form of the vaccine being delivered to healthcare providers.
  • Delivery of additional vaccine supply is expected to continue at least weekly for the next several months.

H1N1 Priority Populations

  • Our plans are for initial distribution to be made available to primary healthcare providers who serve those at highest risk in the priority populations, such as young children, infants less than 6 months of age and their caregivers, and pregnant women, and healthcare workers with direct patient contact.  We will expand distribution to the general population as supplies allow.
  • We will provide information about additional places to receive the vaccine as more vaccine supply is allocated by the CDC.

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