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GOTR SoleMates Spotlight: Martha Pacini

November 4, 2009


Martha wore her SoleMates shirt for both the 13.1 Atlanta and the Nike Women's race, where she is pictured here.

This is the third in our series of SoleMates spotlights.

GOTR Atlanta SoleMates are a group of men and women who are raising money for GOTR Atlanta while training for a race of their choice.

Name: Martha Pacini

Profession: Director of Corporate Communications, Heery International

Is this your first year as a GOTR SoleMate?  This is my first year as a SoleMate, but it’s not my last.

 What made you decide to join GOTR SoleMates?  Sometimes you end up in the right place for all the wrong reasons.  I wanted the shirt, but now I’m hooked on everything this program accomplishes in helping young girls navigate the vicissitudes of emerging adolescence.

 What is/was your target race? I ran the Atlanta 13.1 as my race for Girls on the Run SoleMates.  It was a beautiful course and a wonderful race—I really enjoyed it.  And, because I love my shirt so much, I wore it when I ran the NikeWomen’s Half Marathon in San Francisco two weeks later!  So, I guess I kind of had two races.

 What do you like to do when not being active for GOTR SoleMates?  My husband and I like to travel.  I think I started running as a cover for my “traveling jones”.  You can get away with that, especially when it’s for a worthy cause like Girls on the Run.

 Where is your favorite place to run?  I have been running in Druid Hills and I really like it.  Strangely enough, I do a lot of my running on the treadmill in the gym.  I run in the morning when it’s dark, which I don’t think is in keeping with Heery’s safety program.

 What advice would you give to a new runner or athlete?  Enjoy the run.  Sandy Kruger, one of my running friends, always reminds me of this before we start a run.

 What is your favorite motto or saying?  Be Where You Are.  It reminds me to live in the present.

 What has been your best GOTR SoleMates experience? I really have loved getting to know my little running buddy, Jaleesa.  She is a beautiful, talented runner and a reminder of all the potential that a young girl possesses.

 What would you say to anyone thinking of joining GOTR SoleMates?  It’s very easy to make a difference in someone’s life, and GOTR SoleMates is one of the best ways to do that.

What is your next race?  I will be running the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon in Memphis the first weekend in December.  It was my first race, and I do it every year to support the hospital and its mission.  I raise money to support the hospitals research mission, which provides crucial research and critical healthcare for sick children, regardless of their ability to pay for it.

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