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Great Advice: Fitness Doesn’t Have to End After Kids

November 6, 2009

One of my greatest worries is that once I have children, my focus on fitness will shrink while my waistband expands.

That doesn’t have to happen, according to an article on, “Get Fit with your Kids,” which, among other things, describes a program called “Stroller Strides.”

“Led by a specially trained pre- and post-natal certified fitness instructor, the one-hour classes are stroller-based, interval workouts that build strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning and help moms get back in shape post-pregnancy. A woman can start the program six weeks after giving birth (with her doctor’s approval and a newborn attachment seat for the stroller), and we have many participants who stay involved until their kids start kindergarten.

In between intervals of power walking, we do exercises like wall sits or tricep dips. Instructors also provide enrichment activities for the kids–while a mom might be performing squats, an instructor uses puppets, bubbles or music to entertain the kids.

The program is designed not just to help women get back in shape, but also to help them build a community and share information about motherhood. For example, during a warm-up the instructor might ask, “Who got the least amount of sleep last night?” or “Who had the longest period of time between feedings yesterday?” to start conversations about topics like sleep habits and breast-feeding.”

The article also offers tips for finding the right stroller. The best news is that there are Stroller Strides programs right here in Atlanta!! Check out information for Stroller Strides at the following Metro Atlanta locations:

  • Piedmont Park
  • Chastain Park
  • Perimeter Mall
  • Vinings (Classes temporarily on hold)
  • Smyrna (Classes temporarily on hold)
  • Woodstock (Coming soon)



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