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Fun Friday Health Links

December 4, 2009

This post is an experiment, so please send comments! GOTR monitors many, many Web sites to find content for our blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages, and one thing I’ve noticed is that many of the most interesting blogs do periodic roundups of interesting links for their readers. I personally love these posts, so have decided to feature them in the Why We Run blog. Please let me know if you like this content and format, and any other comments you have on what types of blog posts keep you coming back for more (or not). Today I’ve organized GOTR Atlanta’s “Fun Friday Links” according to Must-Follow Blogs, Health News, and Local Events. Happy reading and running!

Must-Follow Blogs

  • I’ve featured Fit Bottomed Girls on the blog before, but just want to reemphasize the fun and useful information they post on a daily basis. I get a ton of content for the Why We Run blog from here. The FBG blog is also one of my favorites to read over a morning cup of coffee, especially if I’ve just completed an amazing morning workout.
  • Cranky Fitness is one of the most recent blogs on my Google Reader. This one is a bit edgier, I’d recommend it more for adults, but it’s hilarious and also offers incredibly useful tips and info.
  • Divine Caroline is a large and diverse blog, featuring entries from any woman who chooses to become a member (including perhaps even you??). It’s not all about health, rather this blog delves into relationships, career, parenting, and more.

Health News – Today’s Focus: Obesity

Local Events (not much going on this weekend in metro-Atlanta)

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