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Need Help with your Resolutions? Set an Exercise Goal!

January 11, 2010

Some people go crazy over New Year’s resolutions, setting unattainable goals that end up serving no other purpose than to depress them later in the year when they stumble upon their dusty, crumpled lists. I personally stopped making specific health or fitness resolutions a few years ago. Rather, I like to set more short-term fitness goals throughout the year. This works best for me because the immediacy of short-term goals increases my motivation, and I can spend a short time focusing hard on one specific goal without being bogged down with a huge  laundry list. For example, I’m currently working on two distinct yet related fitness goals: to complete the ING Georgia Half-Marathon (for GOTR SoleMates) in March in under 2 hours, and to begin exercising regularly before work (because there is no way I can fit in all the training unless I do early morning runs!).

I stumbled across this blog post, 5 Fitness Feats that are Worth the Training, by Jennipher Walters, certified personal trainer and fitness instructor (and Fit-Bottomed Girls contributor), that makes me want to add to my list of goals! She offers some simple (though certaintly not easy) exercise goals to work toward. The best part about them is that most of them don’t require a) you to spend a lot of, or any, money or b) much or any fancy equipment.

What are your exercise goals for 2010?

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