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The Lure of the Marathon

January 14, 2010

Some of the Web’s most famous health bloggers competed in the Walt Disney World Marathon last Sunday, Jan. 10. As I read the accounts of their experiences, I felt that tingle…oh no…that internal drive…please stop…despite my best intentions, I felt the lure of the marathon.

As a GOTR girl through and through, I’m all about setting new goals and believing that I can do anything that I set my mind to. But…I’m very decidedly a half-marathoner at my very best. Such a goal would require deep commitment and sacrifice of other parts of my life. Is it worth it?

Tell us your thoughts! Have you ever set a goal that you never thought you would or could achieve? That you perhaps had to give up a lot for? Did you reach that goal? And, was it worthwhile??

Read about some of our favorite bloggers’ marathon experiences: Caitlin from “Healthy Tipping Point”, Jen from “Fit-Bottomed Girls”, Tish from “Fit-Bottomed Girls”, and Meghann from “The Inner Workings of a College Graduate”, each posted an account of their uniquely amazing experiences at the race.

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