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JoJo’s Column: A Commitment to Personal Fitness Goals

February 5, 2010

JoJo is a GOTR Atlanta SoleMate who has agreed to share her experiences training for the ING Georgia Half-Marathon on the Why We Run blog.  You can read JoJo’s previous posts here and learn a little more about her from her GOTR SoleMate Spotlight feature. We’ll be publishing her guest posts 1-2 times per week leading up to her big event, so please tune in!

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010

Two truths and a myth:

  1. I workout at least 6 days a week
  2. I ate three mini chocolate cupcakes
  3. My favorite show is 24

My weight loss journey began almost three years ago.  My goal as I was approaching my 40th birthday was to be “fabulously fit by forty.”  I joined a gym and started working out two hours a day, not really watching what I ate – but I was losing weight. 

The next year, my goal was to get fittier in my forties.  This time around I changed my eating habits and added running and cycling classes to my exercise regimen.  I ran several 5k races that year and improved my personal time. 

The following year my goal was to run a 10k – this would be the furthest that I had ever run. My husband and I registered for the Run the Reagan.  I did not know what to expect; the day of the race it was cold and raining but I persevered…finished in 1:22.  Since then I have run several 10k races and my best personal time is 1:11. 

My next challenge was to run a half-marathon – the Atlanta Women Zooma Half-Marathon last fall. I not only continued my gym classes and tennis but I also joined another gym, CrossFit (intense 20 minute cardio/resistance training).  After three weeks of CrossFit training my body began to change…mainly I had a lot more lean muscles.  The Atlanta Women Zooma Half-Marathon was an amazing accomplishment…I finished in 2:23…I ran the whole race…never knew Atlanta was so hilly. 

My next challenge is the Atlanta ING half in March 2010…my eight week training started yesterday…

Today my company provided lunch and it was Mexican food, my favorite…I did very well with portion control…no cheese or tortillas.  However, for desert I ate four mini chocolate cupcakes…after taking the last bite, I said to myself, “it would have been better if they would have just had regular size cupcakes, then I would have had one; look what they made me do.”  Good thing I work out two hours a day six days a week…it’s all about balance.

 …until next time…

 Live out Loud! Love out Loud! Laugh out Loud!


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