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JoJo’s Column: Week 3 Training for the ING Half

February 17, 2010

JoJo is a GOTR Atlanta SoleMate who has agreed to share her experiences training for the ING Georgia Half-Marathon on the Why We Run blog.  You can read JoJo’s previous posts here and learn a little more about her from her GOTR SoleMate Spotlight feature. We’ll be publishing her guest posts 1-2 times per week leading up to her big event, so please tune in!

Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010

Week two was a better week for me.  I got in three runs one run outside.  I feel great and I am getting more excited about the ING half.  For the first time in weeks I feel that I can definitely accomplish my goals for this race…to finish in a reasonable time and to run the entire race.  As for week three training, my plans are as follows:

  • Monday:  2 mile treadmill run
  • Tuesday:  2 mile treadmill run
  • Wednesday:  Cross Training
  • Thursday:  3 mile treadmill run
  • Friday:  3 mile treadmill run
  • Saturday:  3 mile run outside if weather permits
  • Sunday:  REST


Question: What’s your training style? Keep in mind that JoJo’s training style isn’t necessarily going to be the same as your’s. Some people prefer to do more runs at lesser distances, while others focus on increasing their mileage on  long runs leading up to the race. Similarly, some people maintain a strength training routine while training for a race, whereas others focus solely on running. Remember that cross-training is a critical part of your training – whether it’s biking, swimming, yoga, or whatever – it provides your primary running muscles with rest and also strengthens the muscles that will be there to hold you up late in the race!

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