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Go for the Gold!

February 19, 2010

On Wednesday, Lindsey Vonn won the gold medal for the Olympic downhill in what was not just a win, but a blowout. She earned a spot on the podium that she has trained her whole life to attain. What an amazing accomplishment for her – especially since she suffered an injury two weeks ago that almost kept her out of the Games altogether. She went for the gold and got it! In life, going for the gold is important – and you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to do it.

What does “going for the gold” mean? At Girls on the Run, it means:

  • Setting goals for yourself and working to achieve them
  • Striving for your personal best
  • Overcoming obstacles that seem insurmountable

Your goals can be sports-related, but don’t have to be. What is important is that you set goals and work toward achieving them. Having goals makes life just that much more fun. And the next time a goal feels unattainable, think of Lindsey Vonn. You can accomplish a lot if you just put your mind to it!

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