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GOTR’s 10th Anniversary Series: Top 10 Reasons I Coach GOTR

March 25, 2010

As if we haven’t reminded you enough, 2010 marks the 10th Anniversary of Girls on the Run of Atlanta. To celebrate this milestone, GOTR held a 10th Anniversary Celebration last week and will showcase its anniversary at the GOTR 5K on May 1.

Here on the Why We Run blog, we’ll be posting periodic Top 10 lists, in honor of the 10th anniversary, that highlight various aspects of GOTR, running, being a girl,  etc. The first list in our series comes from a long-time coach in Atlanta, Jenny Hutchison. Check out her “Top 10 Reasons Why I Coach GOTR”:

1. Because these girls are our future.

2. In order to have a positive impact on tomorrow.

3. To share with as many girls as possible the joy of running.

4. To make sure that as many girls as I can reach, understand that they matter.

5. To help girls learn about self respect.

6. To share the beauty of accomplishment and self expression.

7. To help girls understand that our bodies are each made the way God intended.

8. In order to teach the next generation of the importance on quiet solitude.

9. To let girls know that they must learn to stand up for themselves and for those who are weaker.

10. To help girls realize that we must learn to stick together and not tolerate put downs and negative name-calling by men and other women.


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