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GOTR 10th Anniversary: Top 10 Reasons I Coach GOTR #2

April 5, 2010

In honor of the 10th anniversary of GOTR Atlanta, we’re posting Top 10 lists that highlight various aspects of GOTR, running, being a girl,  etc. We seem to be getting lots of lists from coaches featuring their Top 10 Reasons I Coach GOTR…did you miss the last Top 10 list?

The second list in our series comes from a long-time coach in Atlanta, Stacey Chapman.

Top 10 Reasons I Coach GOTR

1.       I BElieve in this organization.

2.       BEing with the girls inspires me; and I hope to inspire them.

3.       I feel healthy when I run with the girls, and love that I get to help them BEcome healthier.

4.       This program provides these girls a place to BElong.

5.       Since the BEginning, I knew this was a program that I wanted to invest my time in.

6.       When we run, the girls are BEaming with optimism and delight.

7.       Girls on the Run is the BEst at creating a safe environment for the girls in the program.

8.       BEcoming a coach has provided me a great reward in my life.

9.       The Girls on the Run 5K is a BEautiful sight; the smiles, the accomplishments and excitement that fill the air.

10.   When the girls are on the field running, they just get to BE….


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