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GOTR Coaches Speak Out: Roughing It and Loving It!

April 16, 2010

GOTR at Neighborhood Charter School

Today’s Coaches Speak Out series features guest contributor Leslie Grant, coach at Neighborhood Charter School in Atlanta. Did you miss Leslie’s first blog post?

Neighborhood Charter School Girls on the Run are roughing it! You might think that you need to have a fancy track in order to start up a Girls on the Run. Not So! We jumped in with both enthusiastic feet when we decided to start our GOTR chapter @ NCS. We didn’t think about the facilities too much and I think I’m glad we didn’t. Sometimes when you over think the details, you don’t move ahead with an idea that needs to get out there.

After we had signed up most girls and coaches, Sandy Dean, program director at GOTR Atlanta, came over to the school and said, “So show me where you guys going to run?” Coach Annie took her outside and pointed to our school’s side yard that is dedicated more to gardening than running and said we could run around there. It resembles a track not in the slightest, but Annie went out and marked off a 10th of a mile course around the perimeter and Voila! our girls have a wonderful “cross-country” course that is working out just fine. They will probably be smokin’ the flat course that we get to run on the 5K day!

The GOTR "track" at Neighborhood Charter School

Bottom line is that you might think you need to have everything worked out before you jump in & start a chapter at your school, but the value to the girls is in the time they spend together (3rd graders and 5th graders HAVE NOT been known to socialize in the past) and in the lessons that we’ve been studying, NOT the facilities they will be using.

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