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GOTR Coaches Speak Out: “Big P, Little p”

April 20, 2010

Today’s Coaches Speak Out series features guest contributor Jessica Sours, coach at Inman Middle in Atlanta. Did you miss Jessica’s first blog post?

This week’s lesson on power with a big ‘P’ and little ‘p’ was very rewarding.  In addition to inspiring collaboration, it inspired the girls at Inman to let LOOSE.  Our girls are jellin’ and we, the coaches, love every minute of it.   The girls were quick to identify negative types of power as well as positive influences and habits that help them ignore bullies and gossipers.  As always, this lesson’s abstract nature requires more discussion and less exercise but when we hit the field, the girls were ready to run.   Maybe the girls felt empowered by our discussions because they made the workout fun, spontaneous and silly.

The best part of this week (aside from the cartwheels, of course!) was the girls’ instinct to share their information with their team members.  Their natural openness and inclusiveness is heartwarming and admirable.  The coaches were prepared to jump in if needed to encourage collaboration but there was not a moment’s hesitation for the girls.  As soon as the workout sheet hit their hot little hands, the girls had buddied up with someone to share the necessary information.  And they were off!  Running, walking backwards (quite difficult!) skipping and cartwheeling. 
At the end, we rounded the girls up for a team dance but there was more to come….cartwheeling on the baseball field, Irish dancing in the hall….a very good practice, indeed!


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