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The 20 Worst ‘Kids Foods’ in America

June 22, 2010

Every time I look at the kid’s meal section of a menu I’m completely surprised by what is considered a ‘meal’.  It’s typically pizza, chicken nuggets and mac n’cheese, plus maybe a few other things thrown in for good measure. Like any food, these things are okay in moderation, but they seem to be the norm, the go-to food.  Broken down, it’s oily, carby, fatty foods.  My face broke out and my bottom got a little larger just typing those foods out.


Some of the nutritional stats in the foods restaurants are selling as “kids’ meals” are terrifying. A grilled cheese with as much fat as 25 strips of bacon? A child-size dessert with more than half a day’s worth of calories? And the supermarket aisles offer little salvation.As a result, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled since 1980 — today, 16 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 19 are overweight or obese. An additional 15 percent of kids are “at risk of becoming overweight or obese.”

The article has their list of worst foods broken down into ‘types’, i.e. Homestyle, Chinese, finger foods, drive-thru, etc. Click through the list and see if your kids favorite foods are on the list. Yeah, they may complain if you decide to start denying them bad-for-them foods.  But just take into account my dad’s wise words: “It may not be their favorite foods, but when kids get hungry, they’ll eat it. I promise you, they won’t let themselves starve.”  A wise man indeed…

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