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Peachtree Road Race tshirt finalists are mostly student drawn

June 30, 2010

Peachtree Road Race T-shirtsUsually on Wednesdays I list out a bunch of races that will take place this weekend. Well, I had a hard time finding any other than the Grand Poobah race itself, The Peachtree Road Race.  Unfortunately, I will not be running in it this year. No biggie, though, because I will most likely be in labor delivering my first baby, so I guess in the end I win anyhow!

For me, the only real drawback of having to miss out this year is that every t-shirt that is a finalist to be THE t-shirt is absolutely phenomenal. I like all of them, which I think is a first for me. Each one makes me drool for a different reason. Interestingly enough, it turns out that 4 of the 5 finalist designs were created by students at West Georgia for a class assignment. I hope they all got A’s!

From the AJC:

Out of 252 entries, four of the five design finalists were produced by students in Clint Samples’ “Digital Media for Artists” class [at West Georgia]. Since the contest opened to voting in 1995, no students from the same school, let alone class, had been finalists in the same year, according to the Atlanta Track Club.

Said Samples, whose own submission will grace the T-shirts for volunteers, “I think it’s one of the proudest accomplishments of my teaching career.”

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