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How GOTR Makes a Difference

August 30, 2010

After seeing the GOTR curriculum in action, attending a GOTR 5K race, and hearing some amazing stories from our coaches you can’t help but get the feeling that this program makes a positive difference in girls’ lives. But how do you measure such a thing? Well, I recently received the results of an impact evaluation that was conducted with GOTR participants from 25 different Metro Atlanta sites from Sue Payne and thought I’d share them with this group.

From Sue…

“There are other “girl focused” programs, but, typically, they do not integrate fitness with leadership and empowerment. Our unique, research-based curriculum delivered by trained coaches provides girls tools to develop a stronger sense of identity, a greater acceptance of themselves, a healthier body image and an understanding of what it means to be part of a team. Our pre-program and programs surveys attest to the effectiveness of the methods used in our curriculum.

The results from the 2008 & 2009 Atlanta Council Impact Evaluations showed statistically significant improvements in four key areas: self-esteem, body image; commitment to physical activity; participation in physical activity. Major changes were indicated in girls who were first-time participants, confirming our belief that noteworthy behavioral and attitudinal changes occur in girls who are mentored and equipped with constructive decision-making tools. Additional evidence of an increase in physical activity is demonstrated by a monumental program completion rate; 95% all of all program participants complete the program and achieve their goal of training for and running in a 5K.

 We also feel that family and community engagement is a concrete measure of our success. Our end season fall and spring 5K events bring together parents, schools, and community members to celebrate the girls and their accomplishments. Typical 5K registration is 1100-1200 runners, and is complemented by attendance by the friends, families and supporters of the runners.”

Go team GOTR Atlanta! Thanks to all the dedicated coaches, parents, volunteers, and staff that make GOTR such a positive experience for girls and their families.

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