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Positive changes can affect your kid’s health in a good way

October 6, 2010

According to the American Dietetic Association, making just a few changes here and there can have a big impact on your child’s weight and health. September, now officially National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, was the kick start to creating a larger awareness of what we can do to help our kids:

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month is being commemorated in September in large part because it is the month when most children return to school. “During September and all year long, ADA supports activities at the local, state and national levels that convey positive messages encouraging children to eat healthfully, engage in physical activity and achieve and maintain a healthy weight,” [ADA Spokesperson Melinda] Johnson said.

One of the recommendations is to keep our kids physically active: Regular physical activity is also vital to your children’s development. Not all children may like sports, but there are still plenty of ways they can get exercise on a daily basis at school and at home. In fact, involving the whole family is a great way to spend time together while getting the physical activity everyone needs. We at GOTR Atlanta couldn’t agree more!

To read the entire article and to learn more, click here.

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