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Tips for Running on Vacation

October 29, 2010

It’s always a struggle for me to get my training in while I’m out of town. Usually I just skip my workouts and then pay the price when I get back home. Here are some tips and tricks from Runner’s World to make sure you get your run in during your next vacation:

  1. Make the time
  2. Use layovers
  3. Forget mileage
  4. Explore new territory
  5. Find a running club
  6. Enter a road race
  7. Pack your GPS
  8. Research a route
  9. Meet on the streets

I found these tips really useful on a recent vacation. I was visiting family all over the Northeast and wasn’t sure if I could get in my training runs. After reading the article I decided not to stress out about the number miles I logged but just get out there and run. Our first hotel had a gym so I got a short run in on their treadmill. At our next stop my family suggested a great running route along a riverbank so I got in my run and enjoyed a great view. To top it off my dad joined me for the first and last miles of my run. Next time I’m going to try to find a race that corresponds with my trip so I don’t have any excuses to skip my run.

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