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New Balance Girls on the Run Atlanta 5K: A great event for a great cause!

November 5, 2010

Girls on the Run Atlanta 5k

The event we’ve all been waiting for is almost here: the New Balance Girls on the Run Atlanta 5K! The race will take place next weekend on Sunday, November 14th in the Kirkwood area of Atlanta. What’s that, you’ve never heard of this event or Girls on the Run Atlanta? No problem, let me give you the scoop…

Girls on the Run Atlanta is an organization dedicated to educating and preparing young girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. This goal is accomplished through semester-long community based groups with activities that teach self-confidence, healthy habits and ways of coping with the crazy amount of peer pressure young girls feel these days. All the while, these girls are training to run a 5K race, teaching them perseverance through fitness.

If you have little ladies in your life, you understand how things like self-respect and peer pressure play a huge role in how they perceive themselves and how they mature. A program and event like this can make a huge impact in helping these girls look beyond social stereotypes and see how wonderful they truly are and how great they can be!

The 5K race is open to anyone and everyone, not just girls. Runners come in all shapes and sizes and genders and we would love to have brothers, fathers, sisters, cousins, friends…EVERYONE! Come out and support the young ladies in your life and in your community and have a great time! To register for the race and for more information, click here. For more information about Girls on the Run Atlanta, click here.

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