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The school lunch blogging experiment

December 19, 2010

Mystery MeatAfter Mrs. Q, a Chicago-area public school staff member, forgot her lunch one day, she decided to just eat the school cafeteria food offered to the students. That one day started a project that has brought tremendous attention to the food served to the children in the public school system. Mrs. Q began eating the school cafeteria food daily and blogging about it.

From the MSNBC article:

She has eaten more Salisbury steak and chicken nuggets than any adult should have to endure — and chronicled the culinary highs and lows on her blog, Fed Up With School Lunch. Her experience has pushed her into the spotlight, made her an activist, and totally transformed the way her family eats…She describes herself as a don’t-rock-the-boat, follow-the-rules kind of person. But her experiment was causing her to question the rules of school lunches: What is in these chicken nuggets, anyway? Why serve chocolate milk instead of regular milk? Why don’t kids get more time to eat? Is a certain student’s short attention span due to poor nutrition?

I don’t know about you guys, but my school lunches were not exactly the best. I know that many schools do the best they can with the funds they have, so this is not a slam against any school. However, surely we can do better for our kids. I believe blogs like the one Mrs. Q is writing help bring awareness to how we’re letting our kids down. They sit in classes hearing about how important it is to eat healthy and make healthy choices, but are we providing them with those options? Let’s hope that eye-opening stories like this and the First Lady’s push for childhood nutrition will start to make a significant difference in the health of our kids.

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