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Miles and Miles: Healthy Tips

January 30, 2011

Many runners, from Kenyan marathoners to weekend 5k enthusiasts, have experienced the effects of dehydration. Dehydration and poor eating habit can lead to passing out. Runners should consider proper hydration and nutrition when training.

Glass of WaterAccording to running blogger Christine Luff, most runners pay attention to what they eat because nutritional intake is important to their overall performance. Hydrating yourself properly is crucial so that a heat stroke or other health related problems do not occur. The National Athletic Trainer’s Association suggests to hydrate yourself properly before physical activity by drinking two and a half cups of water two hours in advance. Thirty minutes before beginning activity you should drink one more cup of water. In order to rehydrate yourself after a race, you should drink 10 fl oz of water every ten to twenty minutes. this is depending on loss of hydration during activity.

Healthy SnacksNutrition is essential for everyone but especially for young runners who are still growing and developing. Whether you are preparing for a 5K run or just trying to stay healthy, your eating habits play a big role. The Runner’s Guide, a website dedicated to runners, tells us that a normal healthy diet consists of “40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat.” Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean sources of proteins and fats that are healthy for the heart should also be included to obtain good nutrition. Some runners may want to make small changes to these percentages in order to reach optimal health during their individual activities.

So today when you go eat a snack, instead of chips or candy for fast energy, try fruit or even a low fat yogurt. For another healthy snack idea, how about apple chips? These small changes will give you more energy and confidence.

Until next time, stay healthy, stay happy!

Contributed by the writing class of Georgia Gwinnett College


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