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What would YOU do with $10,000?

August 22, 2011

What Would YOU Do With $10,000?

Ten thousand dollars? Wow, my mind is racing when I think about what I’d do with $10,000…go on a family vacation, sock it away in my children’s college funds,  hire a landscaper, donate some to a good cause, maybe splurge a little next time I’m at Target….probably a combination of all of the above. In reality, $10k goes fast – I mean college is $$$ these days. 

Why, you ask, am I day dreaming about what to do with $10,000? Girls on the Run of Atlanta is one of 10 finalists for a $10,000 grant from GoGirlGo! and the  Women’s Sports Foundation. Each of the 10 organizations was tasked with putting together a two-minute video summing up their organization, what makes them unique and how their organization is helping to augment getting more girls involved in sports.

Well, empowering girls and getting them exercising is what we do best at Girls on the Run. But how to tell the story in only two minutes was the challenge. We quickly gathered together some coaches, parents and some past participants. We had two video shoots where the girls shared on camera what they liked about Girls on the Run, which ranged from exercising with their friends, training for a goal together to talking about issues in a safe environment. Mainly they all said they love Girls on the Run because “it’s so much fun.” We talked to coaches and parents and heard consistently that it really is “so much more than a running club.” One mom shared that she was motivated to get out and exercise because she wanted to keep up with her daughter and another mom expressed that her daughter had so much more confidence after completing the Girls on the Run 5K and participating in the 12-week program.  And coaches said that they were learning just as much as the girls.

We spliced and diced, edited in some of our race footage, added a voice over and a little music. The end result? We like the drafts that we’ve seen so far. Tune in tomorrow – we’ll send a link where you can view our video and vote for Girls on the Run! With enough votes, we can win the $10,000 grant! Your online votes counts for 50% and then the GoGirlGo! committee will decide the other 50%.

So now I’m back to dreaming about $10,000…what would YOU do with $10,000? At Girls on the Run of Atlanta, we would use this money to provide scholarships and running shoes to girls who otherwise would not be able to afford to participate in Girls on the Run. We could fund three new teams and provide a pair of New Balance running shoes for each girl, as well as curriculum supplies and race entry fees for two more teams. Ahhhh, now that’s what I’m talking about – that’s using $10,000!

Happy Monday!

~Girls on the Run of Atlanta

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