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Week Two: Keep Breathing

September 19, 2011

Shannon Foster joins us this Fall as our Girls on the Run of Atlanta Intern. She’s a student at Georgia Gwinnett College and will be shadowing three different GOTR schools. This past week she was at an elementary school in Fulton County and a Middle School in DeKalb County. 

The girls have passed the starting line and made it through the mad dash of the first week. Now it’s time to find a steady pace that will keep them moving towards the finish line. Looking forward, there are many curves and obstacles on the course. Sometimes these are in the form of dealing with family or friends, trying to juggle several different activities, pushing oneself physically, and often times struggling with school work. Fortunately, Girls on the Run is equipping girls with the ability to take on these challenges.

Fulton County elementary girls learned this week about how  GOTR can provide a a space for positivity to blossom amongst friends.

In a way, GOTR is a stress reliever for the girls, giving them a place to clear their minds with running while receiving support from the other girls and coaches. According to one of the middle school students, the best thing about GOTR is “having an outlet to go to when you’ve had a bad day, or done something like that, or don’t feel like going home at the moment. You have something to look forward to during the day.”

Creating a place of positive energy  is how Girls on the Run is setting the pace for the season.




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