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Week Six: Taking that Leap

October 17, 2011

Shannon Foster joins us this Fall as our Girls on the Run of Atlanta Intern. She’s a student at Georgia Gwinnett College and will be shadowing three Girls on the Run and Girls on Track programs in metro Atlanta. 

The DeKalb Girls on Track team met on the grassy field by the track, and though it was cool outside, there were still mosquitoes, which distracted the girls as they swatted them away. Still, listening to their coach’s story about her recent marathon in Chicago caught their attention.

With a complex lesson ahead of them, they started talking about “mixed messages.” The girls closed their eyes while they listened to the coach talk about the lesson.  Afterwards, they took turns acting out their own scenarios. Of course, most of them smiled shyly, slightly embarrassed to be talking to an imaginary person.



They wrapped up practice with a another game. Several of the girls expressed that the game was their favorite part of the practice. Many also confessed that even though it would be a challenge, especially with their siblings, they would try to apply the conflict solutions in their next confrontation, showing that while many of the girls enjoy GOTR because of the fun games and social aspect they are also taking the knowledge with them and applying the lessons to their lives.

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