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My Half Marathon Top Ten List

April 3, 2012

Guest Blogger Yasamine Christopherson, Girls on the Run of Atlanta Board Member, former SoleMate and runner

I will not soon forget the morning of March 19! For those who did not read my last post, I just completed my first half marathon. I am sure it won’t be my last.

Here is my Georgia Publix Half Marathon top ten:
10. Very creative signage throughout the race–personal favorite sign: “Worst Parade Ever”

9. Exploring areas of Atlanta I was previously not familiar with…a notable moment was watching the sun rise over the city while running across a bridge

8. GU (who would have thought sugar could taste so good)

7. Working at the Girls on the Run Atlanta Expo booth–it’s nice to see so much interest and enthusiasm around a great program

6. Getting a work-out (plus) in before lunch

5. Owning the hills

4. Waiting in the corrals (I know… generally not something on most people’s top ten, but I was excited!)

3. Watching other runners who have overcome obstacles to run the race–a reminder to always rise to the challenge

2. Crossing the finish line

1. Seeing all the Girls on the Run Atlanta folks for the high fives, hugs, and water at the end!

13.1 – But not done…
As excited as I am to have trained for and finished my first half-marathon, I’m just as excited for all the girls in the program preparing for their 5k on April 28!

Feel free to share your top moments from your race!

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