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Hitting the trails: Mason Mill Park

July 13, 2012

Nikki out for a run in her GOTR gear

Guest Blogger Nikki Santoro, Girls on the Run of Atlanta Board Member, former SoleMate and runner

If you haven’t been there before, Mason Mill is definitely a great park. It is very easy to get to, is clean and safe, and always has plenty of free parking. The playground is huge and tons of fun for the kids, but don’t spend all afternoon there. The South Peachtree Creek Trail located behind the tennis courts is definitely the best part. The trail is well shaded and a nice distance for running or walking.

Be sure to head off the path and explore the interesting graffiti-covered walls.

Mason Mill park, photo by Nikki Santoro

And to get in a few more miles, continue on McConnell until it deadends into a gravel parking lot, where you can follow a walking trail into the woods, across the railroad tracks, across Burnt Fork Creek, and into the woods.Happy running!

Mason Mill Park, photo by Nikki Santoro
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