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Hitting the Trails: The Daniel Johnson Nature Preserve/Herbert Taylor Park

September 24, 2012

Yasamine ready to run at the Nature Preserve

Guest Blogger Yasamine Christopherson, Girls on the Run of Atlanta Board Member, former SoleMate and runner

Trail running in Atlanta?  Yes.  I’m always looking for two things in a run:  (1) some shade and a change of scenery, and (2) dirt or grass to run on to help my knees.  For those who have not discovered this hidden nature preserve, I highly recommend making this your short run or part of your longer run.  The Daniel Johnson Nature Preserve/Herbert Taylor Park is a 25 + acre nature preserve in the middle of the Morningside neighborhood. When running the trails  you will probably think you are in the middle of a forest outside Atlanta.  The trails are shady, by a creek, and there are several paths that can help you make the run a bit longer.  To make sure you get a good run, I would suggest starting at Emory, and then running through the nature preserve and back.
A word to the wise–watch out for the general perils that come with trail running.  There are downed trees, roots on the path, and (gasp) snakes.  If you are willing to take the risk, it is almost certain that you will enjoy stepping into the forest and running on the trails.  You can enter the path either through Edmund Park (a small neighborhood off of E. Rock Springs Rd.) or through the entrance on Beech Valley Rd. NE.  Happy running!
All photography by Yasamine Christopherson
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