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T Minus Eleven Days Until the GOTR 5K

October 31, 2012

Article and images by Darlene Vincent, Girls on the Run of Atlanta’s fall intern from Georgia Gwinnett College

As this fall’s Girls on the Run race is fast approaching, GOTR teams across Atlanta are preparing for the exciting feat. Part of this preparation includes a practice 5K, which this Gwinnett team ran this week. Moms, dads, and other adults volunteered as running buddies and encouraging partners for the day. However, before embarking upon their 3.1 mile run, the girls practiced static and dynamic stretches similar to the tips given by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Caroline Bradley in this blog post. When asked by their coaches for stretching suggestions, the girls led the group in static activities such as shoulder, hip, and hamstring stretches. As for dynamic stretches, the girls suggested jumping jacks, shoulder circles, and squats.

Following their stretches, the GOTR girls and their adult running buddies began the practice 5K. Braving chilly winds, the girls focused on pacing—not racing—and completed the miles at their own speeds. Overall, previous GOTR participants beat personal records, while new runners set personal bests. After their practice 5K, the girls expressed a mixture of emotions. Some admitted they were tired yet felt accomplished, while others exclaimed they were so happy. Ultimately, by completing the practice 5K, these Girls on the Run teammates are all one step closer to crossing the 5K finish line on November 11. And, as evidenced by the many smiles seen here, the girls and their running buddies had a blast training and spending the afternoon together.

“The reason we race isn’t so much to beat each other…but to be with each other.”

–Christopher McDougall

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