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Girls on the Run: So Much More Than a Running Program

November 13, 2012

Article and images by Darlene Vincent, Girls on the Run Atlanta’s fall intern from Georgia Gwinnett College

Having completed their Girls on the Run 5K on Sunday, GOTR teams around Atlanta are spending the season’s last lesson together in celebration of this rewarding and astounding accomplishment. This Gwinnett team is no exception, as the girls shared their final day together feasting on their favorite snacks, playing games, and receiving awards for their attributes, which ranged from “Girl Power” to “Styling and Profiling” and even a “Future Girls on the Run Coach.” However, while the girls are excited about and proud of their achievements during the season and at the 5K, their parents are even more pleased.

Throughout the season, some parents watched how their shy daughters shed their timid shells and gained self-esteem and confidence with each lesson, and others observed how their daughters overcame obstacles, such as self-doubt. After her daughter finished Sunday’s race, one beaming mother shared, “My daughter came home in tears the first day from GOTR, saying she would never be able to do a 5K. Along with all the wonderful lessons she has learned, she now knows she can achieve her goals. It’s a gift a parent rarely has the opportunity to see, much less give thanks for!” And in reference to another daughter’s GOTR experience and 5K finish, one proud parent exclaimed, “I have seen her blossom and become a better person with each week that passed…She is thrilled by her performance. As a parent, I cannot think of another day when I was prouder of my child.” As evidenced in these pleased parents’ praise, Girls on the Run is so much more than a running program—it’s a means to empower girls, build confidence, and achieve goals.

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  1. November 13, 2012 4:13 pm

    Such a great initiative!

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