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Hitting the Trails: Bunten Road Park

December 3, 2012

Guest Blogger Darlene Vincent, Girls on the Run of Atlanta intern and runner

Located in Gwinnett, the beautiful Bunten Road Park offers a 1.08 mile asphalt trail that is shared by joggers, dog walkers, and cyclists. The spacious path encircles the park’s amenities and alternates between a shaded and open atmosphere. As the majority of the trail is not confined to the woods, your run can be started from many points along the path.

While some parts of the path wind through the woods, much of the trail runs along the park’s well-kept baseball, softball, soccer, and tennis venues. Depending on the day, you will likely jog alongside lively games, matches, and practices. Throughout the paved path you’ll also pass the park’s playgrounds and recreation center.

In addition to the main path, the park contains wooded nature trails which double as soft surface paths. The entrances to the nature trails are conveniently marked by signs, and numerous benches line the shaded paths if you want to rest or wish to enjoy the serene scenery. The family-friendly Duluth park provides free parking, offers a variety of activities, and is located off Bunten Road.

Happy running!

Photography by Darlene Vincent

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